Company Profile
Guangdong Tingjia Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd. & Yulin Fushan Hydraulic Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 
We are a National, High-Tech Enterprise. 
We offer research and development, production, sales, and work with a completely independent intellectual property agreement. 
Founded in 2007, the company produces hydraulic joystick, pedal, oil supply valve, electronic proportional valve, hydraulic control valve, central rotary valve and other hydraulic electronic control components. Our products are suitable for: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, mining machinery and many other fields. 
The company can develop highly technical solutions according to customer requirements, or if our customers are having difficulty solving a hydraulic issue. 
We supply electro-hydraulic, digital transmission integration of a central rotary valve for 4,000 ton crawler crane for Sany Heavy Industries. 
Our company also practices the spirit of craftsmanship and innovation. We are always elaborating, improving and pursuing the perfection of our products.
We specialize in providing our products and services for many well-known OEMs.